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Hey there,

If you want to start to see your abs, have zero energy crashes during the day and be able to eat restaurant meals- while getting results in half the time...this letter will show you how more than 1000 people - just like you - do it, and how you can do it too.

But first...

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Josiah Novak.  Let me tell you a quick story about how I was able to transform my body and get incredible results...and do it with only 3 hours of exercise per week and eating the foods that I love (and my family loves too). 

Here's how it went down:

I remember laying in my bed on a Saturday during the summer and feeling so depressed about where my life was, how my body looked and felt, and feeling truly hopeless about the future.

I contemplated ending it all.   The weight of the world was too much.

Every day I would stuff my face with endless amounts of food to numb the pain of losing everything and feeling like a complete failure.

Everytime I looked in the mirror I was disgusted with what I saw.

I couldn't believe how out of shape I was.

I remember being out with friends and feeling like a loser - watching my friends enjoy life while I was stuck in this horrible state. 

I had zero energy all the time.

I couldn't get out of bed.

I was 85 lbs overweight and it was only getting worse. 

My sleep was a joke.

Often I would eat so much that I would puke it up before bed.

My clothes fit horrible.

I was so ashamed. 

I had been in great shape before but now every time I looked in the mirror I felt disgusted.  
I Was Fat, Depressed, 
and Suicidal. 
I had lost 2 businesses.

I had been evicted from my apartment.

And now I had gotten so far out of shape I didn't know how to get back to being healthy. 

That's when a friend of mine called.

He was trying to get back in shape and he had thought of me.

He was so determined to get back in shape that it actually inspired me!

I decided right then and there to make a change.

I wanted to be able to take my shirt off and feel confident again. 

I just wanted to get back down to the look I had before.

I wanted to burn all the belly and lower back fat that made me feel self-conscious. 

I wanted to look in the mirror and feel confident. 
I Wanted to Be Lean
and Feel Attractive Again! 
 Everyone Wants Some Version of This 
The problem was that I was busy getting my professional career back on track.

I didn't have much time to workout.

Plus I was busy with clients and building a network so I needed to be able to eat out and drink a few drinks here and there.

I only had about 3 hours per week to workout.

See, I had tried every diet under the sun while I was in college trying to get "ripped"

All those diets did was make me hate nutrition PLUS they confused me to death.

Then I tried workout routines that called for 8 hours of working out per week - which was impossible.

I knew there HAD to be another way!

Plus, I had major dreams that I knew I would never achieve if I wasn't in shape.

I wanted to meet a sexy and cool girl that I could marry.

I wanted to be the buff DAD that all my kids' friends compared their Dad too.  

A successful business.

A social life that was awesome.

But I knew it started with taking care of my body.

So I began to research all the ways to approach fitness. 

I began to research all the ways to approach getting a lean body and maximizing your energy.

It was tough.

So many fitness "gurus" were peddling the same info.

All the stuff you've maybe heard before.

6 meals a day to speed up your metabolism.

You can't eat carbs after 6pm.

You have to do fasted cardio to lose belly fat.

You have to workout 7 days a week. 

The problem was...I didn't want to do any of that stuff.

It all sounded horrible to me. 

If I had to follow a plan like that I would've hated life. 

I would have failed miserably because my life would have been horrible. 

Luckily I stumbled upon an incredible study done by doctors at the University of Alabama. 

Here's what I found:
The study at the University of Alabama did a study that showed better long term results from working out 4 times per week versus 6.
I started working out 4 days per week.

I was seeing much better changes. 

But life still wasn't enjoyable. 

Things were going great workout wise, but I was still eating boring tuna and rice 3 times a day hoping to get lean. 

My friends were ditching me because I refused to eat out or grab drinks.

So I went back to the drawing board.

One night I was out and I saw a guy who was an amazing shape from my gym drinking and enjoying a burger.

I asked him "How can you eat like this and still be in such great shape?"
He told me he ate Healthy 80% of the time and allowed some flexibility into his diet 20% of the time. 
So Within 3 months I lost 25 lbs eating with this same approach.

Plus my social life took off!

The key things I discovered were:

I was getting in top shape and keeping my results.

I was able to avoid crash dieting so I felt incredible.

I didn't cut out any of the foods I loved so I could enjoy meals out with friends.

I didn't slash my calories so that I never felt like crap.

My plan was super simple:

Eat healthy 80% of the time.

Eat when I'm the most hungry.

Control portions with a simple method

And enjoy LIFE.  
I lost 40 lbs of fat and gained 5 lbs of muscle!!
I was thrilled!

I knew I had to help other people do the same thing...

My passion had always been helping others, but now I could truly help change their lives!

But would it work??

Would people get results from my programs??

I started training a couple friends that wanted to get in shape.

I told them they could only train with me if they followed a protocol I had personally developed.

They agreed and the TRUE Fitness Method was born!

Well, here's the results:
The results spoke for themselves!  
The methods I had used to transform myself 
were working wonders.

I knew I had to create a business to help others
all over the world.

I knew I didn't want to be one of those coaches who were obsessed with the gym and eating perfectly clean all the time.  

The TRUE Fitness Protocol was born!

That was 5 years ago...
Since then well over 1500 men and women 
have used the same system to get lean, toned up, build muscle
and have incredible energy each day. 

I've continued to use the tools myself to stay in shape 
while starting a family with my wife (we have 2 boys), launching
3 businesses and having a jam packed schedule.  
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Here's what people on the internet have said about me and the TRUE Program:
If you hired me today to coach you one on one it would cost $1990 for 12 weeks.

However 1:1 Coaching isn't for everyone.  

So I created the Inner Circle - which breaks down all the lessons I teach my one-on-one clients.

I've literally put everything I know into the member's area to give you a resource that frankly, can't be beat anywhere. 

Plus it gives you access to me to help coach you through your program.  This isn't one of those memberships that leaves you to navigate things yourself. 

Here's the best part...
You can get instant access to all of my programs
and coaching to start getting lean and fit
 for the equivalent of less than 3 cups of coffee per week.
I present to you...
Here's What You Get When You Join:
  •  The Step by Step Blueprint to Transform Your Body Directly from an experienced and successful health and fitness coach.
  •  Turbo Transformation Welcome Call - You'll speak with me on the phone to help you outline exactly what you routine you need to get results immediately [There will be no waiting around]
  •  Time Saving Workouts that you can do at home or in the gym that will give you more time to spend with your family and doing the things you love.
  •  A Simple and Flexible Eating Plan that allows you to eat the foods you love and enjoy life's greatest moments without feeling guilty or deprived. 
  •  Mindset and Lifestyle Coaching Material that has helped over 1500 men and women lose  on average 18 pounds and keep it off forever.
  •  An Exclusive and Private Community of like minded people just like you who will support and keep you accountable [people in my program say this has been invaluable!]  "You are who you surround yourself with"
"Josiah truly gives a crap about his clients...

It's his ability to relate and put himself in your shoes 
that sets him apart."

-Kevin Harris
So What Does Full Access to The Inner Circle Cost? 
Usually people pay me as much as $900 per month to coach them through this system.

But not everyone needs that level of access.

My team and I sat down and came up with what we thought was a fair price for full access to the entire system and programs.

Our agreement was that $125/month would be a fair price to start.

It made sense because you're getting WAY more than most programs (I won't name names) 

PLUS you'll get better results 

AND you'll keep them.

$125 per month was a steal...I felt like I was basically giving it away.

But you're not going to pay $125.

You're not going to pay even close to that.
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If You Were to Purchase Each Part of the Membership
A-La-Carte - Here's What You'd Be Paying:
  • Fully Customized Nutrition Strategy with Calories and Macros Laid Out for You  $99/month
  •  Custom Workout Routine with Sets/Reps/Rest Period All Calculated for You $79/month
  •  Coaching Calls with An Expert Fat Loss and Fitness Coach $150/session
  •  Private Community to Ask Unlimited Questions and Get Constant Support and Motivation: $49/month
Josiah's approach saved me time, money 
and made me feel sexy again! 

-Michelle, Client
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do I have to workout in the gym or can I workout at home? 
There are workout programs for both home and the gym.  You won't need fancy equipment, but exercise bands are a good addition (you'll be able to get them sent directly to you if you opt for that option)
Q: Do I have to track calories and weigh my food? 
No, I'll teach you a couple different "tracking" methods - which will include ways to control your food intake without tracking calories or weighing food. 
Q: How long will the workouts take? 
The recommended amount is 30-45 minutes 3-4 times per week.  There will be bonus workouts if you have extra time as well.  
What Results Should I Expect? 
Most clients I work with lose about 10-15 lbs their first 3 months and 4-6 inches off their waist and hips.  As with any coaching program, I will give you the tools.
Here are some specific client before and afters: 
Clients lose on average 12-15 pounds in their first 3 months PLUS 6-8 Inches off their waist and hips. 
30 Day Money Back Guarantee 
I'm so certain you'll be thrilled with the value that you get in the Inner Circle - I'm offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If at anytime during your first 30 days in group you feel like you aren't getting your money's worth - simply send me an email asking for a refund and you'll be refunded no questions asked! 

To be honest, nobody has ever asked for a refund, but there's a first time for everything - and I will honor any refund request in the first 30 days.

Josiah Novak