LET'S Be Honest...
The “Dad Bod” is a term nobody wants to be described as. I always told myself I’d never have one, yet a few months after having my first son, I was starting to pack on some fat and lose some muscle...

Lack of sleep, trying to juggle family life with eating healthy and making time for exercise...

I was quickly on my way to achieving an official 'DadBod.'

I needed a boost to get me going back in the right direction.


You might be like me... 

Maybe you’ve let yourself go a little, and you need a plan to kickstart some solid habits to get you back on track.

You might be one of those men who's kept up with his training as best you can, but now you're trying to prioritize spending more time with your kids, or helping out your baby mama more. 

The Good News Is... You Don't Have To Choose Between Family & Fitness. 
You CAN Have Both! 

The DadBod Destroyer is a 12 Week tailored program with 3 workouts per week designed for guys with kids who want to get back in shape without having to spend hours and hours in the gym or follow some impossibly rigid diet.

Here’s what you get inside the program:

  • DadBod Destroyer Ebook (lifetime access)
  • 12 Weeks of Workouts with 3 training days per week
  • EFFICIENT & EFFECTIVE workouts that you can complete in 40mins or less
  • ​Off Day strategies to help you spend more time with family and still do what’s needed to lose fat.
  • ​Strength sessions that are split into full body workouts, allowing each area to get stronger and have time to adapt and recover. This keeps training very focused and effective while allowing you to enjoy your workouts to the max.
  • ​Demo videos for every movement
  • ​The DadBod Nutrition program that will ensure you don’t spend hours in the kitchen on meal prep, but instead have a very simple and effective eating strategy.

The best part is that the entire program has options for working out in the gym or at home if you prefer to train with zero to minimal equipment. This option works great for Dads who don't always have time to spend driving back and forth to and from the gym!


What if I prefer to train 2 or 4 times per week?

You can modify the program to train more or less if desired without an issue.

What If I’m Not Satisfied?

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 Days with all our programs.

Can I See a DadBod Destroyer Sample Workout?

Sure, check this out:

1) Split Squats 
    4 sets of: 4, 6, and 8 reps each leg 
   (your first set should be your heaviest set)
  *Alternate Exercise - Reverse Lunges or Walking Lunges 

2) Incline Bench 2 Arm Dumbbell Rows 
    3 sets of 5-6 reps
   *Alternate Exercise: Bent Over 2 Arm DB Row or Bent Over Pendlay Barbell Row

3) Romanian Dumbbell Deadlifts 
     3 sets of 6-8
     *Alternate Exercise - Replace Dumbbells with Barbell

4) Standing Barbell Overhead Press 
    3 sets of 6
    *Alternate Exercise - Replace Barbell with Dumbbells

 5) Weighted Crunches
   4 sets of 10-12 (slow & controlled)

More questions?

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My weight seems to be settling in around 166, 10 pounds down in 12 weeks. I'm focused daily on hitting my step goal, keeping my diet on track with the calorie and macro goals and 3x / week workouts. Feel really good about how my body looks and feels. Best bonus of this program has been my wife and my sex life is on fire since we started this!

In 12 weeks I was able to lose 3lbs of fat while gaining 6lbs of muscle using Josiah's DadBod Destroyer program.

 I used Josiah’s DadBod program to get in shape right after my first child was born. It was nice to have home workouts and gym workouts available for those days when things get busy!


You're Next! Say Goodbye To Your DadBod Today!

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