Map Out Your Next 2 Years Of Training And Nutrition For 60% Off
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If you’re struggling to map out your workouts and nutrition plan…

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the different programs out there…

If you need a specific roadmap to follow to help you stay on track with the gym and eating…

If you want to have your entire year set up for success….

If you want to get in the best shape of your life and keep the results forever…

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We’ve bundled up our entire library of programs -
which include:

The Dad Bod Destroyer - $67 (normal price)

  • 12 Week Program designed to turn your body from “Dad Bod” Status to “Greek God” Status.
  • 4 Lifting Days Per Week which can be done at the gym or at home
  • Special metabolic cardio protocols that are fast and efficient
  • ​Sustainable fat loss protocols that allow you to eat foods you love and still lose weight.
  • Special attention to he “show” muscles to help improve your overall appearance.

A Brand New You - $97

  • 12 Week Full Jumpstart Program designed to rebuild your entire fitness routine.
  • ​If you’re looking to lose fat, build endurance, and hit the restart button on your health and fitness habits this program will work wonders for you.
  • ​Fully customizable workout and nutrition protocols.
  • ​3 Phases of body transformation to help you progress month after month
  • ​A great plan for people who have been out of the game for awhile

Train Twice Program - $29

  • Our newest and best-selling program
  • Designed for the busy person who can only workout 2 times per week
  • ​Simple nutrition protocols for busy people who don’t want to do a ton of meal prep
  • ​Highly effective workout routine that only requires 2 60 minute workouts per week

The Traveler’s Guide to Transforming Your Body - $29

  • The Ultimate Guide on How to Travel and Still Stay in Shape
  • Travel Workouts that can be done anywhere with zero equipment
  • ​How to eat in airports and at hotels
  • ​How to enjoy your vacations and not gain a ton of fat
  • ​Specific meal timing strategies to help keep appetite stable during travel

Zero to Super-Hero 16 Week Muscle Building Program - $67

  • The Master Program to turn you from skinny to superhero status
  • ​How to build muscle FAST with tried and true muscle “hacks”
  • ​3-4 workouts per week
  • ​Recovery day protocols to speed up the muscle expansion process
  • ​A great program if you’re looking to bulk up this winter

TRUE Blueprints - Client Program Insights - $29

  • My personal collection of my best client programs ever designed
  • ​Get a behind the scenes peek at how my top clients got into the best shape of their lives
  • ​Exact programs and nutrition protocols of 20 clients
  • ​Learn how people from all walks of life set up their diet and training programs to reach their best shape ever

Diets Suck - $14.99

  • My Amazon Best Selling Book on why Fad Diets have failed
  • The entire nutrition system I teach clients
  • ​A sustainable and lifestyle friendly nutrition protocol that will never let you down

TRUE Abs and Core - $29

  • A 30 day program designed to build your abs and core
  • ​30 days of exercises specifically designed to strengthen your midsection
  • ​Workout videos and exact protocols to help your six pack look better than ever before

TRUE Shoulders and Traps - $29

  • A 30 Day program designed to build an impressive set of shoulders and traps 
  • 30 days of videos and workouts that can be added on to any program to help target your shoulders and traps
  • ​Science backed exercises to give your shoulders that “pop” that you’ve always wanted
results From the programs:
Get 9 programs for the price of 1
That’s 9 of my best digital programs EVER written.

If you buy each one separately - that would be $390.99

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That’s literally over 80% off!

That’s 2 years of workouts plus nutrition plans for less than 5 cents a day.

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